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Day Two

During summer we went down to Inverloch & Shallow Inlet with Ana for a beach photoshoot. These tutorials show you how Peter works on location at the beach, finding the light and using the sand as a natural reflector. You will see his tricks to keep a model moving and the importance of having a secluded beach not only for the look of the shot but to make the model comfortable on location. We hope you enjoy this shoot!

13 comments on “Day Two

  • martin.kocent says:

    I am so jealous of your beaches you have there in Australia :D.
    Love this outside shoot and the work with your recent models like Ana an Meika.
    Its very helpful when you explain where the light is coming from and how to move the model to change it. The hint with the soft shadow from the first video…would never thought about this. But it makes perfect sense.

    I have already learned a lot about lightning from your tutorials. And this shoot with Ana is a nice addition to the studio work.
    She does have those “i kill you” eyes and you emphasize them in a perfect way.
    The world needs more photographers like you.

    With love from Germany

  • jeanclmuller says:

    Hi Peter
    When you start shooting with the HC100, it seems I hear autofocusing noise ?
    My knowledge was that only orange dot HC lenses can autofocus on the X1D, and your HC 100 is not an orange dot ?

  • kevinsmoulphotography says:

    A stunning collection, love the exposure and the use of the sand, the shape of the dunes, and grasses etc.

    Can you explain here, or make a note to cover it in a future video more of what you mean when you say at 16:21 , “I normally find adjusting models hands to cover themselves, it doesn’t effect their eyes or their face, I find adjusting their feet, effects their face more than adjusting their hands.” Is there a here lesson in coaching a model (without micro-posing)



    • Thanks so much Kevin, happy to hear you enjoyed this series.
      The comment I made about the hands & feet is just what I said 🙂 not to sure why but adjusting a models feet seems to change their face more. I’m currently trying to find someone to do a set of posing tutorials with that doesn’t already know my tricks, we may have found someone the other day so we will try film once lockdown ends here on Thursday

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