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Amy Streets of New York

This quick tutorial was filmed during Peter’s trip to NYC in 2017, and shows you how he shoots on location. Most of the time, especially when overseas, the location isn’t previously scouted, and because Peter keeps his footprint so small by not using reflectors & having a huge crew, often people don’t even notice a photoshoot is happening!

3 comments on “Amy Streets of New York

  • Here’s just a few questions I could think to ask Peter If I could interview him right now. Perhaps you could use them for an episode one day 🙂

    When/ How did you first get into Photography?

    What was your first camera?

    What did you used to shoot? Portraits? Street photography ect?
    (Do you have any examples of your early work you could share with us? )

    Did anyone help you along the way? If so who and how so?

    When and how did you come to the conclusion that you want to make photography your job?

    If you wasn’t a photographer what would have been your second choice?

    Can you remember your first paid shoot? If so can you tell us a little about how it went?

    What are some mistakes you have made over your career and how have you learnt from them?

    Is there a stand out photoshoot that went terribly wrong? Or that you made you panic? If so how did you react or solve whatever was wrong?

    Have you got any pet Peeves with photography? Eg Cropping off limbs

    Have you always been good at communicating with people ( Eg. Making models comfortable and being able to get that perfect reaction from a model) or is this something you had to learn from experience or from another source?

    What were your first steps in making photography a business? Did you have a plan?

    They used to say if some ones house was burning down that most people would usually run to save their photo albums first. If you could only save one photo session what one would it be and why?

    Who or What gives you inspiration? (I recall someone asking David Bailey who his photography hero’s and inspirations were but he was more into music composers than photographers. )

    This ones just pure noseyness. I’ve noticed you mention your “Man Cave” with all your photos printed on the walls. Will we ever see it?

    Do you have a plan now? Short term or long?

    Will you ever “retire” or will you continue to take amazing photo’s ?

    Kate Moss, Jean Shrimpton, Cindy Crawford
    Snog Marry Avoid??? 😉

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