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Sheet Shoot

In this shoot, Anne found an inspiration photo that looked like it was taken outside with a sheet on a washing line and gave Peter the challenge of recreating this in the studio. He set up some lights to give the effect of sunshine and then had to post Anne quite specifically so that the sheet would blow in a certain way.

Click here for the blog with the final images.

6 comments on “Sheet Shoot

  • Scott Dance says:

    Its always good to see you work with Anne. She has such cool ideas that you can make work so well. The edits are incredible and certainly tells the story required

  • Christopher Polubinski says:

    I really dig the hit or miss style of this. I like the aspect of no one shot can be repeated.

    Question: What *is* that sheet? It’s huge. I have no idea where I would even begin to look for something that size or its semi-sheer transparency.

  • I’ve only just watched this for the first time, Peter, awesome that you “complain” this is what Anne makes you do, Anne has told me some of the back stories.
    Very cool to watch 2 professionals who enjoy each other’s company, make their magic. don’t forget to post a few of the images for us all to enjoy. cheers Ian

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