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Social Media

This Tutorial goes through all the Social Media Peter uses.

11 comments on “Social Media

  • stu_the_flat says:

    Peter could you please update this video when you have time? I used to be able to reach over 100K people regularly on facebook and now I’m only getting to 10-20K, I’m struggling to see an alternative platform. FYI this is for a astronomy-landscape page. I would normally post out and hope to make money on print sales and workshops. which was erratic at best.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you for being honest and frank with your experience. I value and trust your opinions when it is so obvious you don’t give a shit about a company (Facebook) that may block your because of your blog comments. Thank you for your honesty.

  • James Cinquemani says:

    Very interesting looking at the stats. I was surprised on Google analytics, about my blog pages, (an eye opener). (Received a notice the G data gathering system is changing once again). Regarding site content: The viewers reporting, (complaining) about, posted content, seem to really have clout with the on-line sites, (in getting content removed). Thanks again Peter for another good post about a big-learn-curve-time topic.

    • Yeah anybody who reports is treated like a robot and you’re blocked without question, but a clever person would shoot for the conditions of each site, you can’t change the site rules but you can change what you post to that site 🙂 glad you enjoyed this one, thanks so much.

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