Mentor Session with Jessee Pt 2

Jessee is attended Peter’s 5 Day LA Workshop 2 years ago and saw we were returning to LA this year so he got in touch to organise a mentor session, wanting to discuss how he can transition into becoming a full time commercial photographer, marketing tips, dealing with models/ agencies, plus more!

We hope you enjoy this relaxed mentor session with a beer.

15 comments on “Mentor Session with Jessee Pt 2

  • martin.kocent says:

    Yes, i like the long-winded :). Mainly because in this long conversations you may say 1-2 things by coincidence which are “normal” to you, but may open my mind for a different perspective.

    The idea of mixing own pictures with those of the target agency is just simple and brilliant.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    With love from Germany

  • frank_a_nguyen says:

    Thank You Jesse and Peter – a great session to view with so many lessons to learn from. Jesse’s questions and Peter’s advice is so relevant to help me on my early photography journey. I love the advice to shoot what brands are currently showing but try make even better.

  • Love the work Jessee. I also agree with Martin, it’s the points of conversations that may be repeated many times in your discussions but you add something new each time in the long format because of the depth of the chat.
    Maybe it’s because I am not a millennial, but soundbite interviews do not offer any value in the way a full discussion does.
    Always learning, thank Peter.

  • This was awesome! I’ve always thought about sending one photo a week but I feel with the world of insta everything that I say ok it’ll be about two weeks and then I sit there and try to edit as fast as I can and never catch up and now I’m “behind.” Telling them up front I think would be best, “hey I’ll be sending a minimum once a week, it could take up to 2 months to get the whole set.” I love that. And please do more of these sessions. This is what you can’t find or see on youtube university lol

    • Thanks heaps, so glad you enjoyed it and took something away from it. I always set the expectation from the start that they won’t get a heap of photos at once which helps with being ‘behind’ or having people asking for their photos. We’ll definitely be doing lots more mentoring sessions 🙂

  • nmdphotovideo says:

    This was super helpful. I’m a lot newer to this than Jessee. This made me realize that there is really nothing at all in my portfolio that matches up with where I want to go with my photography. My portfolio is mainly right now just whatever I could get. I’ve shot with pretty much any local model that had an idea or would do one of my personal ideas but none of it really has a consistent style or looks like anything on any brand’s website or social media. The only reach outs I get for shoots are from people who want personal shoots which is more along the lines of what is in my portfolio. I really need to work on getting images in my portfolio that fit in with the brands I would want to work with.

    • While you are newer to photography, that is completely understandable. Even Peter’s old work didn’t have a distinct style – he would shoot anything from weddings to parites to babies to motorcycles! Your style will evolve with you 🙂
      We are glad this was helpful for you, and you took away some valuable information.

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  • This was a great interview. Peter nailed the issues with where JesseeB needs to go. Haha.

    I would suggest to Jessee to keep the hat photo and add some sandal and after-swimwear photos as well. I’ve never walked into a swimwear store that only sold bikinis. These accessories photos could be done with the beach shots or separately in studio as product shots – Jessee said he liked to shoot some studio. He could make a separate link; “accessories”. This would show his versatility while keeping the swimwear category and show he can do a whole campaign for a store or uhg – advertorial.

    Super photos Jessee! I hope to get to see some of Bec!

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