Mentoring Session with Edwin Pt 3

Edwin attened one of Peter’s workshops a few years ago, and recently emailed us about organising a 1-on-1 mentoring session to discuss developing his own photographic style & making the transition from hobby photography to creating consistent, recognisable work to transition into commercial photography.

This particular email caught our attention as we feel these are topics a lot of photographers want to discuss, so with Edwin’s approval we filmed the mentoring session!

Join him and Peter as they talk about filing systems, creating your own style, commerical vs hobby photography, plus more.

6 comments on “Mentoring Session with Edwin Pt 3

  • Kirk Pine says:

    I love the “training your brain” and “training your eye” concept Peter! definitely need to start my collection! Essential to developing your own look. Thanks

  • Very insightful.
    Great to see inside theset thought processes.
    How’s Edwin doing 3 years on?

    Not being cheesy Peter but hearing that chat about model 1st shoots and levels and what you’re not prepared to do/ask for……
    You’re a nice bloke. ( said by a father of 3 daughters if that counts) and so glad I’m learning/hearing this rather than the agressive S**t we were fed in another world. Always uncomfortable to view/ read about.
    Treating the Model ( male or female) with utmost respect and professionalism and acknowledging their skills and contribution to your art. It’s paid you back in dividends in your relationships with them by seeing the heart they put into their work for you. A great example to us all.
    Oh Wow…..I served up Double Cheese there…forgive me lol…….. . But felt i had to acknowledge it.

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