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Making Photography Your Business

In this mentor session with Peter, he talks about making photography your business & the truth that you will need to separate your art from it and be more of a business person to make money first.

6 comments on “Making Photography Your Business

  • uwe.boehl-privat says:

    Thank you very much for this honest and to-the-point video, Peter. For a few years, I’ve been thinking of making a side hustle of my photography, but what has kept me from doing that was the thought, would I actually shoot more if I did? So instead I cut my dayjob to 80% and devote the freed up time to shoots and postprocessing. So maybe I made the right choice.

  • Kenneth Sutherland says:

    I know this is an older video now, but are you aware now that lightroom doesn’t have to change files into DNG’s.
    If not, then on import, rather than ‘Copy as DNG’, you can select just ‘Copy’. Then it handles the raw files as is.

    Loving your videos btw. Particularly interested in seeing your take on the different styles of photos, such as what’s the difference in Editorial, fashion, e-commerce, art, commercial etc. What makes each style sit in its own category. How to change one type into another.

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