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Interview with Peter

We were contacted by David in Madrid who is a teacher at a photography school, and he requested an interveiw from Peter for the students. We decided to share the interview on Inspire, and hope you all enjoy it!

4 comments on “Interview with Peter

  • mario.bolte says:

    Peter, you show at 3:47 the contrasty “body builder” picture and tell us, that you need an hour for lighting. I am very interested how you did this – could you make a tutorial about this? Thank you, greetings from germany – and I like the interview.

  • Martin Regente says:

    Really interesting Interview Peter! I can´t remember on which video you told this but the reason you shoot landscape instead of portraiture is that you could made more money for a double page instead of only a single page. And you said that you can get a portraiture even of a landscape by cropping it. But is the size of the height from a landscape not to short? Or does the high resolution of the photo cover it for enlargement when printing?

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