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Creative People

Peter found a list which details traits of ‘Creative People’ and was surprised at how well aligned it was with his own list of goals. In this rant, he talks you through a few of his ideas around this, to hopefully inspire you and change your mindset!

10 comments on “Creative People

  • Thanks for the rants, Peter. I spent over 50 years as an engineer, and I’m struggling with overcoming my need for perfection in everything I do. In many of my engineering projects, if I made a mistake, people could get seriously hurt or even die. I have to realize that if my photos aren’t perfect, nobody’s going to die. In fact, those imperfections may make the photo more interesting. A softer focus might be what I need. A hair out of place is not fatal. …

    You gave me something to work on between now and the workshop in September.

  • sebastian says:

    I’m learning more, and get more inspiration and an urge to pick up my camera from you than from all other instructors combined. Keep up the good work!

  • john_silfies says:

    I’ve been a subscriber here for a few years, Peter. I’ve learned a heap as you’d say. I think this, as an individual video, is by far the most educational for me. I remember seeing an interview with Teisha and when thinking about what you’d done for her, she became emotional. She said she wished everyone could see how you treat others. I’m looking forward to doing that in September. Thanks

  • So a key takeaway is that we need to ditch this idea that you can “learn” photography from a book, or YouTube. You learn photography by taking pictures, lots and lots of them.

    The field of photography, particularly on the wedding and portrait side of things, is littered with “Rockstar” photographers who are peddling their method to the gullible. Those people think if they slavishly follow what their flavor of rockstar is selling they will be successful but…

    Oh I have kinda fallen for some of that in the past and I know how convincing and seductive that concept is, a professional is offering you their secret sauce so you too can earn $25K per wedding.

    It just doesn’t work like that, shoot, critique, improve, find your style… rinse and repeat!

    Peter, thanks for offering some light in what has become a very dark place… all puns intended!

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