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Things discussed!

  • Going through todays shoot with Tanya (showing all the images, lighting that was used, styling etc)
  • Peter using an adaptor to use other lenes on his Hasselblad X1D
  • Discussing rolling shutters
  • $ lighting vs $$$ lighting
  • Is it important to have a full frame sensor or is crop sensors ok?
  • Calibrating
  • How Peter makes the decision to edit his images
  • Products Peter uses to get shimmer on skin
  • Sonya7r3 questions
  • Discussing the new Rotolight Neos
  • ETTL

Live Chat

2 comments on “Q&A

  • There are just so many things wrong with this video I don’t know where to begin. What is happening here? Are here to learn or see someone eat apples?

    • Peter Coulson

      Hi Salvador, This is from a live stream question and answer segment. Around every two weeks I will be going live to answer everyones questions. We will be scheduling our next live Q&A soon, hope this helps

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