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15th Feb 2018 Q&A + Live Retouch

Watch Peter retouch which answering your questions! Please skip to 2.20 to start the tutorial (Sorry we had a lot of technical errors!)

Questions asked:

  • Question for the next Q&A session: What products can we use (if any) to protect the models from sunburn when shooting in that beautiful midday sun that also won’t be obvious in the photo? I.e. are there sunscreen’s that don’t change the models skin tone and won’t shimmer? What about water-fastness, like for a shoot at the beach such as this set with Teisha?
  • Hi Peter & Rozanna, I’m not sure if has been mentioned previously. Now I want to print my own images therefore my question is about, Printing. Obviously you want the best gamut possible, so 1. What about the paper quality? 2. Would you print directly from Photoshop as a Tiff format? I recently bought a Canon Pro1000, I wanted to print out my latest work and images of the family too! ( Peter mentions this link)
  • Home studios – How to make them not ‘creepy’
  • I already have two NAS servers and Maintaining backups at various locations, do you consider third party cloud services like Crashplan an option? I know that the upload speed connection especially for large volumes of data, potentially is a problem, verses the unlimited storage. What are your thoughts?
  • Which photographers influence you and how did they influence your thinking, photography and career path?
  • Peter do you ever add additional grain to your photos in post?
  • Which is your favorite lens? Why?
  • When you go in one of your travels, what all you take with you? Why?
  • Among the gadgets that you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?
  • PLUS all peter’s comments on his retouching

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