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11th Jan 2018 Q&A

Welcome to our first Live Q&A for 2018! During this discussion time, these were the topics and questions:

– Camera equipment insurance
– “Where do you sit with “copying somebodies photograph?” “
– Shooting different face types e.g.: round face, long face etc
– How are you getting the expressions from the model? are you asking them to look “sad”, “stern”, “sexy”?
– “Just saying.. Isn’t that illegal to work on a travel visa? or even paying someone who is on a travel visa?”. After reading the comments in the thread I noticed this photographer means people on a “tourist” visa. So are touring photographers and models on a tourist visa breaking immigration laws?
– “Next step for me, I think is having my own website. Do I put all genres of photography on one site (for me nature, portraits and some cityscapes)? I presumed the best way of getting more portrait material together would be to start doing some shoots with peeps I have photographed in Peter’s workshops. What are the practicalities of that?”
– Test shoots
– “In some of the shoots you don’t use a stylist, what are some of the staple clothing item and accessories one should have? Do you go shopping yourself for new items?”
– “Sorry about being direct but, did Cristina pay for that shoot, since it was a folio, or did you consider that a test shoot? How do you decide when not to charge a model?”
– “In your latest series of the model being naked laying on the floor, how far are they away from the cyclorama wall, and how far are you from the model? Those images have a very nice depth/dimension to them.”
– “What do you do when you don’t have inspiration?”
– “When talking depth Peter do you mean the amount of light on the BG?”
– “How do you build your usage price for commercial work? Social media, magazine ads, billboards, etc.”
– “How are you texturing the cyc wall… can you do that for with paper background as well?”
– “Which is the better route with time. Spend time looking for clients/cold calling etc or builindg a better and better body of work to where they are finding/reaching out to you?”


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