Simple lighting for a garage studio Pt1

We receive lots of comments and emails from photographers, as well as hear from them on workshops, that they don’t have a ‘proper’ studio and have converted their garage into a studio, and would like to know what lighting set ups they can use with limited space. For this tutorial, we used Peter’s movable walls to create a space in the studio the size of the average garage and moved RaRa around showing you many different simple lighting set ups you could use in a garage studio.

2 comments on “Simple lighting for a garage studio Pt1

  • So, I’m one of those who had requested a tutorial on lighting in a garage studio. Thank you for this set, as well as the YouTube tutorial in an even smaller space. I love how you used one light bounced into a V-flat to create a beautiful, soft key light. Today, I tried this in my own studio (a converted garage) and was thrilled with the quality of the light, a quality I never got from any of my soft-box modifiers. Working in a small studio means making compromises, I know, but the more techniques I learn – such as the ones you just showed – the more options are available within the limitations of my space, Thank you, Peter!

    • We’ve just finished filming a new one for Inspire in a smaller space which I think you’ll enjoy 🙂 The trick is to spend a day playing in your studio with one light and no pressure and see how many lights you can create. Thanks heaps, glad you’re enjoying these

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