Recreating Sunlight With Anne

Anne recently came down to Melbourne and had a few ideas for a shoot. She really loved the contrast from a previous shoot she had done and wanted to create a similar look but in the studio, and set Peter the challenge of setting up a shot to look like full sun while indoors.

Click here to see some edited photos from the shoot on Peter’s blog!

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  • Phillip.Coveney says:

    Anne is a fantastic example of how age doesn’t matter when it comes to modeling. Taking care of herself she’s every bit as aesthetic, if not more so, then many younger models. Yet you can clearly see the personality and experience she’s gained over the years elevates what she does to a higher level. Working backstage of fashion shows and shooting the accompanying editorials for the designers. I’ve worked with many models around even 30 who are so self conscious of their age. Which is shocking, because from my perspective they are running circles around the 18-23yr olds. Thanks for the video! Miss you and Bec. Still remember that night at Deadmau5 and the fantastic workshop!

  • Hi Peter.
    A screen shot of your Phocus Software set up during the shoot;
    What’s the difference between using the Sliders “Recovery” and “Shadow Fill”?
    ( I have had a search on the web but can’t find a definitive).

    Also, I’m using the LUTS you kindly supplied for LR to provide your set up look.. Are those a direct comparison to you using the Green filter in Phocus or are you actually switching out Blue and Red leaving the Green Channel?

    Great session – Thanks to you and the Team.

    • Hi Peter
      Ive answred my own question about the Phocus Green channel.
      I was able to download and load up PHOCUS and load a DNG file. I can now see how those sliders work…all set to Zero swithes them out completly just the same as a tick box so, only sliding the Green up switches on Only the green. Obvious- but lacking a tick box, like PS, gave ( me) the impression it was just adding a filter overlay. It’s not.

      Regarding Recovery; I found an older Utube of yours via the Hassleblad forum ( someone recomended it regarding usage) and you mention it there. It Greys out on a Sony file .



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