Retouching Bec – Phocus vs ACR

Peter is always saying one of the best ways to learn lighting is to try to copy someone elses photo, but then make it yours – and this is something he still does to this day for his own work and also to teach himself new techniques & set-ups.

As we are restricted on what we can do right now in Melbourne especially when it comes to shoots, we are taking it in turns selecting photos for Peter to recreate the lighting of so you can see his thought process. We hope you enjoy this series!

4 comments on “Retouching Bec – Phocus vs ACR

  • Hi Peter,
    Kindly, I am asking a technical advice, I usually export from Phocus (after tweaking) as tiff-16 into PS to avoid using ACR, is there any downside to this workflow? Watching your tutorials and understanding your mindset on things I know that you will tell that as long as I am happy with the output the workflow doesn’t matter
    But I am really interested to know if there are any advantages on this workflow

    • Hi Shalan, I hope you are well.
      If im shoting with Hasselblad for my own work, it will always come out of Phocus. The tutorials I put on Inspire is not through Phoucs because then only people with a Hasselblad can learn from my working, so thats why you’ll see me put the images through ACR so people without a Hasselblad can see what my work flow and don’t need a Hasselblad 🙂

  • titovilelaphotography says:

    Hey, Peter.

    All my files are Nikon. Can I use Phocus software? I notice Recovery, Shadow Fill, Clarity, and details are all greyed out. Does Phocus only work with Hasselblad cameras? (Files)

    Thank you.


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