Re-creating Large Window Light – The Shoot

Peter loves the look of natural light and is lucky that in his studio he has multiple light sources that give models an amazing glow. As we know that not everyone has access to natural light or even a large octabox, Peter created this inexpensive set up that gives a beautiful soft bounce on to the incredible Ana.

4 comments on “Re-creating Large Window Light – The Shoot

  • Once again so much learnt from a great shoot, lighting, styling, and such a great way of working, but also really understanding the model. Have put so much into practice from these videos, thanks Peter and Becs. Take care.

  • To watch these lessons and be able to go straight into my “Work space” and build the lighting piece, with my foambaord is priceless.
    I’m becoming a little more tenacious in the adjustment and refining process ( like you demonstrated with the catch lights) too.

    I love the ” Is it better – or not better” approach too. Feels we can play and learn rather than the pressure of expecting to know an outcome before it is trialed. ( I know, crazy…..but we do put that pressure on ourselves)

    Great lesson. – Thank you.

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