RaRa Rockstar Pt 2 + Lightroom

RaRa came to the studio with an outfit planned to shoot in, and once Peter saw it all he could think of was Robert Plant, so he decided to create ‘rockstar’ lighting, back lit with two HMI’s.

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  • richard.murphy2018 says:

    Might have thought this would be more useful to watch before I had me band shoot… but in reality, not so much.

    The venue was what might best be described as an almost totally black dunny with an overpowered smoke machine firing off literally between my legs [shins to be accurate] far too frequently. Perhaps I’m just getting old. 🙂

    Ended up just shooting and hoping, focus was virtually impossible as visibility was poor, to say the least.

    This said, it was quite fun, but I think at my age I should be doing something less ‘challenging’. 🙂 🙂

    If nothing else the Rotolight NEO III that I was ‘forced’ to buy for the gig was awesome. It is like a searchlight with a rainbow stuffed inside. I suspect your advice on the unsuitability, of a Rotolight, for the job was based on an older model… I am sure I killed at least four vampires in the audience and was able to blind the band, from the back of the venue, at 16% 🙂 🙂

    I think in future I will stick to making images that emulate 70s rock star looks and leave live gigs to others. Thanks, heaps, for your input. Your three bits on ‘Rock’n’Roll’ shoots over the last couple of weeks were invaluable. My only problem was what was agreed, with the band, didn’t come to pass.

  • You nailed it Peter. ( So did RaRa)
    Again, my biggest takeaway, apart from the set-up, is that tenacity you show to search for better with the small changes and deciding is it ” Better or Not”.
    I fing that so encouraging that even with your experience and knowlege you pre visualise each change but still have to “test” the outcomes.

    My challenge is wrestling with the Exposure and Post to get that Chromie/Grey in the transition areas. (RaRa’s ( mainly) Camera – left arm)

    You commented that RaRa’s top (Vid 2) was setting off the Zebras…… but it didn’t look anywhere near blown (to me)……Are you dialing in a trigger lower than 255 for highlights? ( i’m on a Sony AR3).

    Sorry – maybe this question is one for Volley.

    Great session – thanks guys.

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