RaRa Dapple Light 1

RaRa stopped by the studio again for another ‘play’ day, and selected her photos, one of which being an image of Kate Moss in dappel light, so Peter decided to make the entire day about different ways to shoot dapple light in the studio. He also shows you his new way of posing – distracting a model so they completely lose their posing face.

5 comments on “RaRa Dapple Light 1

  • christophe.agathon says:

    Thanks a lot Peter for sharing so much with us.
    I was wondering if a reflector with a thin grind could be usable to build Dapple Light like this. I understand perfectly the difference between a focused light and a (more or less) parallel light (if the grid is thin enough) and it came to my mind that the later could be used too.

  • jeanclmuller says:

    Hi Peter
    Nice gobo play.

    In this case, If you want to see with modeling light what you will get with flash you have to replace the clear glass dome with a frosted glass dome.

    • Hi Jean, thanks heaps. Normally the modelling light is 25mm further out then flash so the light is cast from different angle if you use a parabolic type reflector, but yes a frosted glass does make it a little better 🙂

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