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Natural Light Metering

This tutorials explains how Peter meters in Natural Light.

Camera: Hasselblad X1D

Model: Amy

10 comments on “Natural Light Metering

  • I perfectly understand the reason of metering 2/3 of a stop above when focusing on the brightest part in full sun or half way between the brightest and the darkest part in open shade. I don’t fully understand why it is still 2/3 of a stop above when metering on the shadows (darkest part) if shooting in a dark place. Wouldn’t that make shadows too bright? If we were metering at the centre, shadows would be treated like 18% grey so they would already been lighten up; if you go 2/3 of a stop above probably a shadow wouldn’t be a shadow anymore. Maybe you meant 2/3 of a stop below, when metering the darkest area?

    • Rozanna Nazar
      Rozanna Nazar says:

      Hi Paolo.

      It won’t be too bright, this is done to protect the shaddows as we don’t have a problem with bright areas in deep shaddows. Have you tried this method yet? If not, I suggest getting your camera and trialing the method to see what results you get.

      Let me know how you go!

  • maikel.marrero says:

    que enfoquen usa para sus disparos ya que hay movimiento en las poses de los modelos ..AF -S SERVO ÚNICO— AF-C SERVO CONTINUO?GRACIAS

    • Peter Coulson

      Hi Maikel, it depends on the camera you are using, if I am using my Sony I tend to use AF-Continuous with face or eye decetion turned on, but on my Hasselblad I tend to use single shot focusing on center.

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