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Natural Light Metering

This tutorials explains how Peter meters in Natural Light.

Camera: Hasselblad X1D

Model: Amy

12 comments on “Natural Light Metering

  • I perfectly understand the reason of metering 2/3 of a stop above when focusing on the brightest part in full sun or half way between the brightest and the darkest part in open shade. I don’t fully understand why it is still 2/3 of a stop above when metering on the shadows (darkest part) if shooting in a dark place. Wouldn’t that make shadows too bright? If we were metering at the centre, shadows would be treated like 18% grey so they would already been lighten up; if you go 2/3 of a stop above probably a shadow wouldn’t be a shadow anymore. Maybe you meant 2/3 of a stop below, when metering the darkest area?

  • frank_a_nguyen says:

    Hi Peter with the 2/3 above center metering system when moving around outdoors from shade to direct sunlight do you leave the white balance setting to “daylight” or do you also change the white balance settings according to scenery? Or a different way of asking is, does the 2/3 rule takes care of all of the scenery change and we don’t have to worry about the white balance setting? I use a Sony A7RIII mirrorless, so does it even matter if i just watch the histogram and view finder live view?

    Thanks heaps. 🙂


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