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Hotel Corridor Lighting

While we are on traveling, Peter has to do shoots in pretty hard locations without his studio and all his gear that makes lighting super easy. We were walking back to our apartment and he noticed this horrible down light in the corridor and decided to challenge himself to make it into something that actually looked nice, so he bought Anne out and they did a shoot using nothing but the corridor light.

5 comments on “Hotel Corridor Lighting

  • lightrunnerimages says:

    Loved this…thanks!! Some hotels here in the US will rent un-reserved rooms out for less $ during the day than an overnight stay and now I want to reserve one just to shoot in the hallway light 🙂

  • Derek Donsworth says:

    Really interesting watching your approach to the lighting here. I can not help but think beautiful soft 1940’s feel to the resulting pictures .. Another example of not requiring loads of expensive kit to achieve amazing results … 🙂

  • DavidDPhotography says:

    Thanks Peter. I constantly forget we can make bad light look great because I get too consumed in the “youtube” teaching. I like the way you simply moved Anne back to use the edge of the light for that softness.

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