Finding the Light

This video has been put together to teach you how Peter works in ugly locations; how he sees light, how he understands it, and how he uses it. Most importantly, how easy it is to do this yourself, in any location.

This tutorial also includes 2 retouching tutorials!

Model: Tanya Alijani
Camera: Sony a7rii
Zeiss Otus 85mm f1.4
– Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4
– Zeiss Milvis 135mm f2

11 comments on “Finding the Light

  • Great video!
    How do you choose a location for a real client?
    Do you inspect a place at different times of the day to see the light? What’s your process?

    • Rozanna Nazar
      Rozanna Nazar says:

      Hi Paolo,

      Location shoots with clients normally do not allow us to have much control. We don’t get choice of location, and we cannot control weather. So going on an earlier date to see what we have isn’t something we do.

      If it is for ourselves, Peter knows what time would be best for lighting, but again weather can make/break the shoot. We work with what we have!

    • Rozanna Nazar
      Rozanna Nazar says:

      I agree! It takes time, but I think this particular technicque that Peter’s teaches completly changed the way I take photos. It is so easy to miss, but also easy to perfect 🙂

  • stewartd58 says:

    Loving the shoots
    Q. What setting were you getting in the car park, and is shooting with the tripod not more restricting. I assume the shutter speed wasn’t that low.


    • Peter Coulson

      On location I tend not to use a tripod, but for the filming of this tutorial it allowed me to demonstrate easier. I do you the the tripod a lot in the studio and when I do really close up portraits.

  • maikel.marrero says:

    buenas maestro muy buena enseñanza trabajar con la luz natural.¿ recomienda mejor la luz de la tarde ? como busco mejor la luz encontra luz o frontal ,lateral?

    • Peter Coulson

      Muchas gracias. La luz del atardecer está bien, pero tiene un aspecto determinado y solo la tiene por un corto período de tiempo. Durará unos 20 minutos pero será perfecto. Con la luz del atardecer, es mejor iluminar el modelo desde el frente o hacer una silueta desde atrás. Prefiero comenzar una sesión de luz natural a las 10 a.m. porque tendrá luz utilizable hasta las 2 o 3 p.m.

  • maikel.marrero says:

    interesante su enseñanza me gusta mucho la luz natural aunque hay que conocerla mucho .que me recomienda practicar para dominarla gracias

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