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Basic Vloging Lighting Set-Up

Peter recently had to help Julia with lighting for her upcoming online project she is working on, and we thought it would be worth while filming him showing her how to light herself beautifully for online. We know this isn’t really the normal content we put on Inspire, and this type of video is a once off, but we thought someone might get something out of this, even if it’s just ways of using light.

3 comments on “Basic Vloging Lighting Set-Up

  • Richard Webster says:

    “Confidence on camera” – yep, I believed Julia instantly!

    I think the computational photography ability of the iPhone is doing a lot of work to help, even before we start to help it with good lighting. And phones will get better and better at that – I’m just not sure they are going to produce what the photographer thinks he sees.

  • Richard Webster says:

    P.S. Unless we’re as beautiful as Julia, looking down at the camera gives a lot of really unattractive chins. Julia was right – get the camera up on some books.

    Small suggestion – if we’re trying to save money, but we’re still spending a little, then there are purpose built LED setups which are cheaper than the Peragos (?), such as those sold by LumeCube and others.

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