6 Light Retouch

See this extensive 6 lighting set-up tutorial all for 1 image which was filmed in Peter’s studio with model Teisha Lowry. The idea behind the photoshoot was to create an intricate lighting set-up inspired by a beautiful black and white portrait shot of Australian Supermodel Gemma Ward. During this tutorial Peter narrates you through this photoshoot from start to finish explaining why it’s important to work like a real photographer and not a retoucher. Peter’s knowledge and techniques are always inspiring you to challenge yourself to get it right on camera and have fun creating your shot at the same time.



2 comments on “6 Light Retouch

  • Ron Gough says:

    Great trio of sessions- and thanks for the pic download. It was good to have a go. Got damn close in DXO too.
    The tenacity in getting the lighting set-up and in the “get it in Camera ” approach really was great to see and the biggest take-away for me.
    ….and ..starting with the fill/secondary lighting first.Priceless.
    Cheers team.

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