Join Peter and the amazing Meika Woollard (Giant Management) in this start to finish tutorial from their recent shoot together.

They have worked on and off since she was 11, and now that she is 16 and signed with IMG Worldwide, they are working more together so he can help take her modelling to the next level. Meika has been modelling since she was 3 and done countless shoots, editorials and campaign’s, so modelling is second nature to her – however Peter is trying to work to take the ‘click, pose’ out of her she has been doing her whole life and work on getting her to feel so he can capture a different image to what every one else would take.

Peter has also been making music videos on YouTube as a creative outlet, and has found filming models trains them to move more during a shoot. Meika loved the videos he has made so far and was very excited to film one, so included in between these two looks you will get to see Peter filming & how he goes about putting the final video together.

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