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In this tutorial, Peter explains how he finds inspirational photos for his storyboards.

Here are the links for all the websites mentioned:




Fashion Gone Rouge


8 comments on “Storyboard

  • Peter, do you share/discuss mood boards with models before the day of the shoot? I’ve seen you going through your storyboard folder at the beginning of the shoot, when they’re already in your studio. But I’m now looking for the best way to share my ideas for the shoot (mood, styling, expression, etc.) with the model a few days before so that both sides can decide what suits them best and prepare better for the shoot itself. Pinterest seems like a good way to go, but I’m also thinking about a shared onedrive folder (doesn’t need an account, works everywhere).

    • Hi Maciej, unless it’s commercial the client will send me a moodboard before the shoot, but for all my own shoots we create the moodboard on the day looking through my inspiration folder. It’s full of photos that I’ve collected over the years so I’m going to like anything the model picks. Bec tells them when organising the shoot that this is how I work, and sometimes they also bring in their own reference photos on the day too.
      Pinterest is a great way to collaborate for moodboards but yeah you will both need an account, I don’t know much about onedrive but that also sounds like a pretty easy way to do it.

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