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Anne Duffy Interview

Join Peter and Anne in this interview where they speak about their time together over the last 10+ years!

8 comments on “Anne Duffy Interview

  • lightrunnerimages says:

    Seeing the journey from first shoot to today is just so so interesting. Looking really forward to more videos like this of the models that Peter has a long history with! Thanks as always for everything!!

  • danielmedley says:

    I love the conversations with models. This one in particular was absolutely amazing. So much insight from both of you. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Thanks, Peter. Enjoyed the interview. I did want to share something that came to my attention recently. There’s a full-time travel model I follow out of Miami _kaybrooks_ who did a recent post about the struggle with censorship on the normal platforms. She’s been working with a new platform for about 4 months now @therealtruefanz which is free of censorship and allows payment to creators. Anyway, i have not used it myself ( not sure how it would fit for photogs ). If you go to her IG it was her post 4 days ago ( May 25th, 2022 ? ). Hope you and Bec are happy and healthy on the travel circuit ! Cheers, George

  • says:

    Loved this video! So enjoyable to hear about all the different shots and the stories behind them through the years with yourself and Anne. An amazing model! I really loved the Bunny Head Shots and also the Helmet and baseball bat series.

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