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This shoot with model Tahan Lew is from 2016. I originally filmed it to create a video to promote Peter & Tahan, but deicded not to (explained in the tutorial). I have mashed it together to go over the shoot, where Peter found the inspiration, show you model faces from posing to non-posing plus working with props.
Model – Tahan Lew
Camera – Hasselblad H6D-50c
Fergie reference – Watch videoclip here
Music during photoshoot – Ariana Grande

3 comments on “Tahan

  • Thank you very much for this very interesting sharing for both photographers and models.
    I thank you sincerely for all your sharing and all this very inspiring work.
    All those hours you give to help people get better.

  • Awesome video! A year ago, I had the opportunity of shooting Tahan while at Koukei, she is fabulous and I got a bunch of nice photos with all sort of expressions.

    For this shoot, please could you share how the lighting was? Thanks so much!

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