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Bunny Head BTS

Years ago Peter did a shoot with Anne and Gemma wearing nothing but these gigantic bunny heads and heals, and he shot them in many different surreal places – it is one of his most iconic series. Recently while reorganising all his files, Peter stumbled across a whole heap of BTS footage that was filmed while they were shooting, so he has compiled it all and talks over the top explaining what was going on at the time.

3 comments on “Bunny Head BTS

  • Christopher Polubinski says:

    This is 100% the work I want to be doing. Not necessarily with masks, but I’m also not opposed to it, either. That bold, public work or relatable locations where one would not expect to have a naked woman happen. I’m just not bold enough to just ask the owner of a shop or something if I could shoot in it (even though the only thing that could happen is they would say “no” and then I just go on about my merry way). The really bold public stuff always feels much riskier, especially in a still-vaguely-Puritanical America. Love the video, Peter, thanks for posting!

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