Photographers Have It Back To Front

Welcome to another mentoring session with Peter. In this rant, Peter explains one of his philosophies he is very strong about – photographers getting what the most important thing in their images is completely wrong. I see and hear so many comments about how Peter’s work stands out from others, plus the question of how other photographers can achieve this in their own work, and it is as simple as making your subject the most important thing in your image. We hope this chat inspires you to flip your way of thinking around.

20 comments on “Photographers Have It Back To Front

  • deadman2098 says:

    I think you and Gavin Seim would get along great as far as your views on things like this. I know sometimes he’ll post a picture in a group and ask for advice kind of trolling. I’ve come to realize he does this to get people to think about other things and perhaps break them out of the I must follow these rules to make a great picture.

  • lightrunnerimages says:

    For so long I would just beat myself up if every single picture was not tack sharp. And yes, I was part of a camera club at that time…lol. Who knows how many amazing shots I probably threw away. Sigh.

    You can never say stuff like you did in this video enough. It’s so important to hear. Thanks as always for everything you share with us.

  • What a beautiful way to put a point across. I think the clamour for sharpness has reached such insane levels that as you rightly mentioned is so prevalent only in the photography community. Outside of it no one cares as long as it connects emotionally. The first thing I always look in the image which I create is how it connects me to the circumstances in which I shot the picture and my emotional response to it.

  • Your central phrase was the reference to old painters. We go to museums to see their works, buy books, – with photographers it is not different: William Klein, Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, Mark dePaolo and many, many more … mostly blurred but lots of emotion and soul.

    After the workshop with you recently, I became much more thoughtful again …

    Is there an enhancement of “you are oh sooooo right”. – Thanks so much.

  • Well, that was unexpected and a hard listen. And an even harder lesson.

    I think this one video is worth the annual subscription alone.
    Its going to be hard to implement (especially for my camera club comps!) but perhaps I shoot one for them and ten for me?

    Thank you.
    (oh and I do have a room with my photos up)

  • huntychris says:

    Hi Peter and thanks for helping me find this.
    I know that a few years back I was one of the rule followers and glad to say that you have helped me see the light so to speak. I now find myself using vintage lenses more and more and worrying less about sharpness and the technicalities of a picture.
    I almost binned a shot a few months ago because it was soft but I now see it as one of the most beautiful shots I have taken.
    Your rant is confirmation that my change of mindset is taking me in the right direction.
    Thanks as always for your plain and to the point explanations of everything you do and why.
    I could fill my house with your pictures but aim to do it with mine.
    All the best to you, Bec and your fabulous models. 🙂

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